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With over 25 years serving the people of California as non-partisan legislative staff, Neva is an experienced public servant who will lead with integrity, compassion, and a fierce commitment to always put community first.

Women’s Health Care

There is widespread support throughout California and Assembly District 5 for women’s reproductive choice, including abortion. Abortion and abortion medication are medically necessary treatments for miscarriage and non-viable pregnancies, and they save women's lives and protect their reproductive futures. And yet, despite this, there are still efforts within our community to eliminate abortion as a health care option for women. California continues to safeguard a woman’s access to life-saving reproductive care and Neva will do the same.


A healthy democracy depends on well-educated citizens. We owe it to our future as a nation, and we owe it to our children to ensure they all have access to a safe education free from violence and bullying. Additionally, all parents should feel secure that their children are receiving a quality education that will prepare them for their futures. Neva will challenge any effort that threatens a child’s access to education, jeopardizes a student’s safety, or that compromises education quality.

Forest Management

Unplanned fires have a profound impact on the environment and on the economic and emotional well-being of our communities. In some cases, eradicating native species and once thriving towns. Proper management of our forests and hardening our homes and structures is a top priority for Neva, especially working towards lower insurance costs as our climate becomes increasingly unpredictable.

Help for Seniors 

In California, Seniors are losing their homes at a faster rate than any other demographic. Costs of housing coupled with the cost of health care, utilities, and insurance are forcing seniors, especially those on fixed incomes, into impossible decisions between housing and their health. There are resources out there, but they are difficult to access, even with help. Neva will work towards more access to services for seniors and caregivers, including improved transportation options, expanding services to rural and newly developed areas, and building outdoor spaces that accommodate all ages and abilities with more benches and safe walkways.

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