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"California Women's List is delighted to endorse Neva Parker for AD 5. Neva brings a long track record of state service that will allow her to hit the ground running in the Legislature and bring new representation to AD 5,"

- Marissa Roy, President of California Women's List.

"Have attended a House Party recently and donated to Neva's campaign. She'll make a wonderful and effective state Assemblyperson for our district!"

-Parry Lustgarten


California Democratic Legislative Women's Caucus

California Democratic Party

California Labor Federation

California Women's List

Placer Action Network

Planned Parenthood Advocates Mar Monte

Sierra Forward

The Six PAC California


Steven Bradford - California State Senator, 35th District

Josh Newman - California State Senator, 29th District

Cecilia Aguiar-Curry - California State Assembly Majority Leader, 4th District

Buffy Wicks - California State Assembly Member, 14th District

Betty Yee - Former California State Controller (2015-23)


Ann Bowler

Julann Brown

Mary Ann Christianson

Rebecca Campbell

Hugo Chavez

Sue & Greg Cirillo

Kathleen Crawford

Ellen Debach-Riley

Sandra Floyd

Karen French

Robert Gonzalez

Virginia Haradon

Arleen Harrison

Betsy Kerr

Diana Kostka

Parry Lustgarten

Connie McLennan

Joe Mlaker

Muriel Moore

Dennis Parker

Ruth Pennington

Charlie Riley

Susan Roughgarden

Jacqueline Shulters

Barbara Smith

Jackie Smith

Tomas Vera

Phyllis Weeks

Rosie Wohlfromm

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